Fruit Bat

A dry cool morning. The land was recovering from the nights down pouring of rain. We went for an early walk back to the top of the nearby hill that overlooks the town. On the way there we stopped to watch a group of children playing marbles competitively. It was a high stakes game. The sharpness of the comments exchanged between the kids were beyond their years. Similarly, my ten year old cousin sometimes single handily run his dads stationary shop on his day off from school. I’ve seen him move beggars and time wasters on, crowd control in the shop and ask people what they want. He knows the price of everything. He’s not alone in his alert nature. This astute confidence is something I’ve seen in a lot of the kids around here. It makes me wonder if in the west, the constant doting over of our kids, encouragement of ‘cute’ behaviour, and piped cartoons and other forms of entertainment keep them in a puppy like state for an artificially long time? In some persisting into physical adulthood. Maybe our removal from the stark realities of life encourages this.

Here you don’t have to walk far to find someone disabled and begging for money, or find a family with bright kids but not the money to educate them. On the way back home we saw a giant fruit bat hanging upside down from a power line; it was dead, electrocuted I guess. Nature seems to suffer when people expand their abode.

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