The normal dress in these parts is a uni-sex outfit worn by both men and women and called shalwar kamiz. It comprises of a baggy pair of trousers with a loose & long top. Men tend to wear a single colour; although there seems to be no restriction on which colour. I’ve seen men wearing dark pink, turquoise and green. Woman tend to wear patterned material, usually a floral print or embroidery. Both men and women tend to wear shawls but only women tend to wear this over their heads. You wont see any bear arms or shorts here. The only ones wearing western attire are lawyers and those working in banks and offices and a few teenagers. The former look the most distinctive as it customary for them to wear a black suit with white shirt. Those of a more outwardly religious leaning will wear a turban or a face veil depending on their sex but they are in the minority.

Mera Kashmir - dusty farm

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