Walked to the village of Chupra today. Went to see a relative who has a family in the uk. He’s been living here for three years. He told a lot of bitter tales of his life back in England. Life here is pretty stress free here, as long as you stay away from the bureaucracy; but even that can be remedied with the astute application of a few notes of money or the right contacts. The are many people in this town who still remember a life free of gas, running water or electricity. Many in the surrounding area still fetch water from a well and cook their food on wood stoves. Many in this town don’t actually pay an bills and manually siphon off electricity from the grid. The authorities don’t seem to fussed about it. Life in the uk is full of bills constantly keeping you stressed and alert and in need of a job and money. Many here seem content with sunning themselves and earning enough for the days meals. Consequently you find families that are supported by the highest earners or smartest minds with siblings supporting his/her efforts in any way possible.


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