Morra Heera

Walked 45 minutes from Dadyaal to my dads ancestral village. We walked through fields, brush, small villages and crossed a river. Saw a gipsy camp and various animals along the way. Dad pointed out the nearby villages and the places where he used to play and the local pond where the children of the village learnt to swim. People have left the area over the course of fifty years and the population is dwindling. The site of the local school is now a field and the signs of homes long gone can be deduced by the presence of large pebble like stones peeing out from below the soil. Much of the water of the nearby lake has receded due to the demand for water from the swelling towns and cities of this part of the country. The whole village will disappear in the coming years as the Pakistani government increase the depth of the lake to provide more hydroelectric energy. All that history will disappear under water.


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